The Mantime fashion show

In a first for Northern Ireland, The Ivory Restaurant in Victoria Square hosted Mantime, a fashion show for the men of NI. On Sunday night, Belfast’s fashionistas, made their way up to the Ivory for the drinks reception before the fashion show began at 9pm and finishing off with the after show party.
The Ivory had been cleared of all its tables and was transformed with rows of seats and a raised catwalk down the middle of the main restaurant area, but it didn’t stop there, as the runway turned the corner and headed down the side of the bar towards the press seats. We were sitting in the press area, which were away from everyone else, but that was good because it felt like a private fashion show just for the 15 or so of us.
In a total change from some other fashion shows we’ve been to, the guys weren’t there to play up to a female audience on a girls night out by showing 6 packs and muscles, they were just there to do the walk and show the clothes. Job done!
Fashion on display was from a variety of Belfast retailers including Cruise and Guess, but there were a number of local designers displaying their talents as well, including Nor Lisa and Michelle McKeever.
For Nor Lisa, it was the first time they had designed a menswear range, and we loved it, quirky little airplane print ties and bow ties, if only I could get away with wearing a bow tie!!
We also loved the huge statement pieces of glasswear from Michelle McKeever apparently made from smashed car windscreens, they looked stunning and were works of art on the models.

The fashion wasn’t just on the catwalk, hey, even I got in on the act! You know by now that I never talk about what I’m wearing, but it’s a fashion event, so why not? I wore the standard 21st Century uniform of canvas trousers and a polo T, both from H&M. Shoes were just purchased that day from TKMaxx, tan brogues, and a little splash of colour from red socks. The outfit was finished off with a customised Desigual summer blazer and pocket square also hand made in a Desigual store just for me. Never mind my High Street fashion though, because as soon as we arrived at the event we immediately spotted our best dressed winner, in the shape of The Sequin Cinderella, ,that’s her blogs name, otherwise known as Nicola McLaughlin. Nicola wore a top hat from Bridalwear, a Chanel handbag, and amazing Jeffrey Campbell boots. Definitely winner of best dressed on the night. Check out her blog for more.

It was great to see this OurEventsNI organised fashion show just for the guys, and already, we can’t wait to see the Autumn/Winter show in a few months time. Great night out!

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