The Mac, the Opera and the bands

I’m just looking through all the info I’ve gathered up over the last few days, and I’ve got so much to put on here that I don’t even know where to start.

For now I guess I should start with the new art installation at the MAC, The Permanent Present.

Last Thursday, I popped in to the MAC for the launch of the new sculptural work by Mark Garry. If you’ve been into the MAC at all since it opened, you may have seen the rainbow of 400 metal lines being created above you in the foyer. The work was commissioned by the Thomas Devlin Fund, and the MAC, in memory of the North Belfast schoolboy murdered in 2005. The Thomas Devlin Fund was established to promote public awareness about the effects and the impact of such a violent attack which brought about Thomas’s tragic death.

It is a beautiful piece of work and definitely eye catching and thought provoking and has the potential to mean many things to many people. To the Devlin family it represents creative expression and how that can effect change in people’s lives, it’s about change and hope for the future. The MAC is showing again that it is a much needed high profile venue in the City Centre, and one which will inspire creativity and art in everyone.

After the MAC, I continued with the ‘culture’ and headed off to the City Hall to watch La Boheme on the big screen. This free event was beamed live from London’s Royal Opera House to all the big screens placed around the UK. Puccini’s masterpiece failed to attract a crowd, and I managed to count a grand total of 23 people there. The wet afternoon weather was a big factor in the poor attendance, but by the time the Opera started the evening sun was starting to peep through the clouds. It was a calming and relaxing experience sitting in front of the City Hall enjoying this great event, I loved it, but had to move on…

Next stop was the Tennent’s Untapped showcases in the Limelight. As I’ve already mention previously, out of 16 bands, 2 will be chosen to play on the main stage at Tennent’s Vital in the summer. I managed to hear Trucker Diablo and Peter McVeigh, two very different bands and I could see both playing the main stage. Loved them both! With 2 showcases already completed in Belfast, another 2 dates will happen this Wednesday and Thursday nights in Bound for Boston in Derry. Good luck everyone.

Finally it was home time on a busy Thursday night in Belfast….knackered!!


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