The grand finale Culloden Spa treatment

What a way to finish off a super summer of fitness at the Culloden Estate, with a massage! A massage was part of the deal on their Fit for Summer package, so of course, I left it right to the end, a final treat.


So I’ll just cut to the chase, was the massage any good?

That was a massage like I’ve never experienced before, and very different from my last Hastings massage in Slieve Donard. Different because I ended up being stretched, pulled and twisted into all shapes by Natasha from Russia.

Natasha is apparently the most requested masseuse in the Culloden Spa and it’s easy to see why. She does it like no other, and in a good way.

Surprisingly, my muscles weren’t as knotted as they would normally be. Maybe last weekend partying in Ibiza was good for me afterall.


What’s the spa like?

It’s dark and relaxing with a pre treatment relaxing room and a post treatment ‘dusk’ room with the lights dimmed low to help you continue your post massage chillout.

It smells great of course, of Espa products, and everything is focussed on dim lights, softly spoken voices, and luxury.


My massage brought to an end a summer of great workouts, but most importantly for me is the change of routine. I’ve been very aware the end of the programme was fast approaching so have been using the knowledge I’ve gained to work out in my back garden. Why have I never really done that before? Lift the weights out of the garage into the evening sun and werk 🙂

What will I miss??

-My training sessions with Christine
-The Espa shower gel and moisturiser in the changing rooms
-Floating around the pool (I’m a water baby at heart!)
-The occasional treat smoothies that were left on the health bar
-And the convenient location right at Cultra station!
-But mostly what was essentially my own private gym sometimes, especially during school run time at around 2-3 in the afternoon!

Would I join again next summer?

Of course! I’ve loved it!


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