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So I was lounging around with Dragons’ Den on in the background, not really paying a lot of attention, and all of a sudden there seemed to be a commotion going on. I looked up and realised that a company who last month sent me a few seaweed sample sized products to try out, seemed to be in a bit of a mess with the dragons. As with all TV, you just never know how much editing has changed the actual situation, but it appeared there was plenty of attitude and bad vibes coming from Mara. It was uncomfortable viewing and of course, they didn’t get any support from the den, which is a shame, because the product is good.


Mara Seaweed Dulse
 Mara Seaweed is a small family run Scottish company which specialises in hand foraging of seaweed from the waters around Scotland. Seaweed is apparently highly nutritional and of course a natural ingredient, so I was intrigued to try it out, even though my previous Dulse experiences weren’t favourable.

  The samples came with a small flyer with 10 suggestions for using Mara Seaweed and I’ve tried a few while preparing food.

Following their advice, I’ve tried Shony on eggs and salads, Kombu on mushrooms and Dulse in burgers and I’ve been pleasantly surprised. It didn’t taste seaweedy at all, perhaps because it’s use as a seasoning is  perfect, rather than chomping on handfuls of Dulse.

If you normally add salt and pepper to food, Mara Seaweed could be your new seasoning of choice. And with the abundance of minerals and vitamins it’s surely the healthier option. 

I’ve even tried some Dulse in my healthy Nutribullet smoothies along with another favourite VitaCoco, and the seaweed certainly gives it a boost. Three fruit portions, VitaCoco coconut water and Dulse, now there’s a healthy boost for anyone’s day. 

The Mara Seaweed promotion came about because Scotland is currently celebrating their year of food and drink, and their local producers along with VisitScotland are taking the opportunity to highlight new food trends coming from Scotland this year. Something I hope to see happen with Northern Ireland food products when we have our very own Year of Food in 2016.

By Jeff Meredith


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