The first of 2 Titanic weekends.

Last weekend was the first of two big Titanic weekends for us, and it all kicked off with a trip to see the SS Nomadic for the first time on Friday afternoon. On our way there we listened to the superb new mytourtalk Titanic Quarter Walking Tour app. The tour starts at Donegal Quay and finishes at the Dry Dock and takes about an hour. It’s a great tour with a great local sense of humour and lots of points of interest including Nomadic, The Slipways, The Cranes, The Pumphouse and much more. There’s a lot great info, so if you are walking over to Titanic Quarter I would recommend checking the app out.
Listening to app kept us about 5 minutes late for our SS Nomadic tour, but we caught up and got stuck in to learning more about this key piece of Titanic history, and the last remaining White Star Line ship. It’s fantastic to have this little piece of history in Belfast and even though it isn’t quite finished it’s refurb yet, there are hard hat tours on during the Titanic Festival. It really is just a shell at the minute, but a shell with lots of original features still intact. It was also interesting to see the difference between the first class space and the 3rd class. A great wee tour and we can’t wait to see it when’s its finished later this year. We also had the pleasure of watching the Circuit of Ireland pass by on Queens Road as we stood on the roof of the Nomadic. It was colourful, loud and exciting to watch it pass from such a unique vantage point.

Next up on Titanic Friday was the 3D movie experience at a special screening to raise funds for the Northern Ireland Cancer Fund for Children at the Movie House. Unfortunately we didn’t win the star raffle prize of 2 tickets to the Titanic Ball, but we did get to see the Titanic movie on the big screen again. We’re not sure the 3D was up to much, although it was better than most 3D converted movies, but just to see it on the big screen again was a treat. It felt appropriate to be watching it again, and now that I have a greater emotional attachment to the whole Titanic story, I think I actually enjoyed it more than ever.
The last event on our Titanic weekend was up to the light show on the Slipways on Saturday night. We watched, we loved and we read the responses on twitter. It turns out the whole thing was a bit like marmite, people either loved it or hated it! Well I loved it, I loved the story from the shipyard scenes, through to the launch, the sinking and beyond. I loved the perfectly synchronised firework display and music. I loved the building being used in a totally unique way and I loved the Slipways as a venue. I just loved it!
I would add however that the Lightshow probably looked better from a distance, as close up, the texture of the buildings skin distracted slightly from the projections. I would also add that the Slipways were Baltic! Absolutely Baltic!
And that ended the Titanic weekend, and Easter began, with a few days off and lots of chocolate….lots of it! Gym time anyone??
This weekend is another Titanic one and it’s all full on action packed again with the concert and my first proper tour of Titanic Belfast on the 100th anniversary of the sinking. And then I’ll be back at St George’s Market again on Sunday, well that’s the plan anyway.




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