The fans, the singers and the money maker. The X-Factor tour reaches Belfast.

First off, yes, I further lined Simon Cowells pockets on Sunday at the Odyssey Arena, Belfast. I went to my first XFactor tour and I was expecting a bit of a car crash concert, but, it was actually pretty good. Some of the singing was a bit off, but mostly, it was better than expected.

From listening to the reactions from the crowd around me and the rest of the Arena, Paige was a shock because he is a very good singer, but it was One Direction who really stole the show. I’m not sure I’ve heard a crowd squeal so much apart from at the Justin Timberlake and Enrique concerts. I cant decide if it was the middle aged women, the gays, or the kids who squealed more! But let’s not forget the winner, Matt Cardle who was getting a lot of love from the ladies.

The set was quite impressive and nothing impresses me more than a great stage set up and a proper show. From platforms half the length of the arena, fireworks, streamers, a stage in the centre of the arena, lots of hydraulics, it really had it all. There was a lot of running up and down the aisles beside me by the surprisingly youthful and energetic Cher and One Direction.

Missing in action was Tesco Mary, with the flu, Harry was also ill but he performed nonetheless.

So is this it? Am I a new Xfactor tour groupie….It would appear, yes, I am.

See ya next year for the Simon Cowell/XFactor Juggernaut!

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