The Fab-u-lous sounds of the 40s

The Fab-u-lous sounds of the 40s.

Victory Rolls. Seamed stockings. Red lips. A swing record on the gramophone. If this sounds like your can of spam, then join ‘The Sweethearts of Swing’ at their official launch night in Belfast’s renowned Empire Music Hall.

So invite The Sweethearts of Swing, Kat Reagan, the bitesized bombshell, Naomi Rocke, pin-up princess and the vintage vamp, Orla Mullan. The girls have got together to celebrate the swing era of the 1940s and they can pack a punch. 

The Sweethearts of Swing


The more mature members of the audience will just revel in the vintage sounds, the younger generation will discover a whole knew craze and they’ll love it, Duke Ellington’s ‘Don’t Mean A Thing”, Vera Lynn’s ‘We’ll Meet Again’, jiving, doing the Lindy Hop it’s all there on Sunday 27th November and what better way to get in the mood than with this great sound and three feisty ladies with music in their bones. Ora is a classically trained singer who developed a love of jazz at an early age but she’s also an actress and has worked on TV’s The Fall and Emmerdale. Naomi too has a TV background, The Hole in the Wall Gang and the Comedy Unit, Glasgow for BBC. Kat graduated at the Royal Academy of Music, and has performed in the Royal Albert Hall and recorded at Universal Studios London and has credits in both theatre and television.

In the footsteps of the famous Andrew Sisters, these Sweethearts are sure to draw in the audience and send them out again tapping their toes and humming a tune. You can buy a ticket from on the night (£10 and £12) and be sure to take your place at the front of the queue when doors open at 7 p.m.

Anne Hailes

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