The eating out in Belfast project

For anyone who follows my twitter feed you may have noticed a few lunchtime tweets this week about eating out in Belfast.
Let me explain…
This week I’m taking part in a project along with other local bloggers to write a blog entry about eating out in the City.
The project is running for the month of July, but I’m completing mine this week. And just to be a bit different I’m doing lunchtime visits to a number of cafes around BT1. Cafes and sandwich shops have always proved a bit of a mental barrier for me for some reason. I guess it’s that walking into a little cafe filled with people, standing looking at the menu, them asking questions and expecting me to answer them…whoah!!! No pressure!
So far I’ve done 2 cafes and 2 new experiences this week, with 3 more to come.
For more info, check out this Belfast bloggers link and you’ll also find a few local bloggers have already done their homework and posted about eating out in the City.
I think the idea is great and I’m looking forward to talking about my week eating out in some of the City’s cafes.


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