The City Hall tour

Opening it’s doors in 1906, the stunning Belfast City Hall was built to celebrate Belfast’s new City status. The building is built on the site of the White Linen Hall. Linen was vital to the local economy and it’s HQ had occupied the City’s most prominent site.
Now the City Hall and its grounds are definitely a focal point in the centre of Belfast, and are a draw for tourists and locals, most notably for relaxing in the sun. So when we arrived I don’t know why we were surprised by the number of people taking the tour. Our guide didn’t have the usual Belfast tour humour, it was all very formal, I guess it fitted in with the grand and formal surroundings. Every word came across loud and clear, perfect if you are a tourist.
We started at the magnificent marble Grand Staircase and moved upstairs taking the the sights of the the 173 foot Dome, the Council Chamber, Banqueting Halls and the Great Hall.
Highlights for me where realising that in the Council Chamber, the press sat in the centre of all the action, right in the middle of the crossfire between councillors. I also loved the new chandelier in the Dome, and hearing how they managed to clean it and changed the bulbs. I’ll not tell you how they do it, but it’s genius!
The tour leaves from the main reception area every weekday with tours at 11am, 2pm and 3pm, but more details can be found on the City website, including the weekend tour times.
So get over to the City Hall soon and take the tour.



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