A letter of thanks for 5 years of Belfast Times

A letter of thanks for 5 years of Belfast Times

I can’t believe it’s been 5 years since I sat in work one day feeling inspired by a team I was working with. I was inspired by their art, their passion and their creativity.

We talked a lot about where we were working at the time and about what we wanted from life, what route our careers were taking and what we could do to develop, grow and change direction.

I always liked going out, writing, dabbling in various website projects and photography and after a particularly inspiring day talking about blogs and sharing stories, the idea of a Belfast blog started.

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That night, Belfast Times was born. The Twitter account began, the website was bought and the Facebook started. The next day I arrived in work buzzing with an excitement which has rarely wavered in the following 5 years. Yes there have been moments of uncertainty, moments of losing direction and probably a fair amount of self doubt at being a blogger. But I guess the passion has never really died, because here I am 5 years later with quite a team of guest writers who probably don’t realise quite how much I appreciate their input, AND how much I learn from them each day with every feature they send me.

I also guess the team I was working with 5 years ago have no idea how much they have also inspired me, and how much they have changed my world.

I’ve gone from having a full time job sitting at a desk checking other people’s work, to working for myself, doing my own thing and loving every minute of it. I’ve totally embraced that inner creativity and built a small business at St George’s Market selling Belfast to whoever visits my stall. At the market I’m surrounded by the most supportive, fun, creative and caring people, and my 3 days a week there are filled with joy!


So, here I am, 5 years later, thanking everyone who follows, likes, shares and comments across the Belfast Times network, thanking my market customers, my feature writers, my market chums, my friends, family and my better half for the support and encouragement to embrace my dream and keep growing, learning, creating and feeling inspired by the world around me.

imageThank you thank you thank you thank you!!






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