Taylor Mac at The Mac

Taylor Mac, a unique and special creation brought his most fabulous performance art to The Mac last night.

Werking on to the Mac stage, Taylor immediately starts audience participation sending a mixture of glee and horror through the audience; soon they are almost queuing up to join him on stage. Thankfully I was too old for the shout out for 14-40 year old guys to join Taylor on stage. But that didn’t stop about 18 guys voluntarily walking up to join in the performance along with two volunteer nurses from the audience who assisted in applying bandages to the guys who lay in the floor amongst sparkles and body parts. That’s performance art for you!

As a multi award winning performance artist extraordinaire, Taylor likes to create a reaction and aims to achieve that at every turn, and if he hasn’t, well, he hasn’t achieved his goal. But the biggest shock was his voice and the band. Belting out songs from the wartime years in the USA with a strong, passionate, theatrical and beautiful voice, Taylor delights with these beautiful songs in this short segment from his New York 24 hour marathon; A 24-Decade History of Popular Music.

Wearing costumes by designer Machine Dazzle, who appeared for a glittery mooning routine, Taylor looks like a bit of a mixture of the old Lady Gaga, and your old quirky great Aunt who dresses in whatever she pleases. It all looks fabulously flamboyant!

If you don’t have a problem with becoming a part of Taylor’s little community and the potential of being singled out to appear on stage then this eccentric flamboyant concert with the most fabulously outrageous performer is one not to miss. 

Taylor performs two more shows this week as headline act of the Belfast International Arts Festival. More at www.belfastinternationalartsfestival.com/event/taylor-mac/

Jeff Meredith

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