Review: The Odyssey by Homer

“You coming? They’re doing Brian Friel on the beach”. It’s too good an invitation to refuse. A fine afternoon, the tide is out, even from afar you can hear Jim McGrath on guitar and Annette Durien on violin. The audience, many from Northern Ireland, are gathering in an open sided tent, the sand is dry […]

Movie review: Star Trek Beyond by @Jonny_C85 at @OdysseyCinemas 

Strange as it may seem that in a summer blockbuster season where many a film has gone big and failed (Batman V Superman, X-Men Apocalypse, Independence Day: Resurgence) that Star Trek Beyond is the best of the bunch as it succeeds by going small, or at least more intimate. You could say it’s…illogical. But we […]

Odyssey Arena to be renamed SSE Arena Belfast

The Odyssey Arena is to be renamed The SSE Arena Belfast, when it opens this September following a major summer refurbishment. The £3million upgrade will see new seating, improved digital infrastructure and other key initiatives to enhance overall customer experience. Each of the 9,000 seats inside the auditorium will be replaced, as well as the […]

Two great gigs announced this morning – The Script and The Prodigy

This morning as we head to work in a daze after the long Bank Holiday weekend, two emails arrive announcing the final Tennent’s Vital date and the return of The Prodigy. First to announce was The Script, who will headline this year’s Tennent’s Vital on bank holiday weekend Sunday 30th August. They’ll be joined by […]

#BTreviews : The Lego Movie @odysseycinemas by @Jonny_C85

Lego. Arguably the best toy in the known universe. Enjoyed by millions of kids (and adults) it’s something that is instantly recognisable and immediately accessible. A movie based on Lego though? Surely that’ll just be a cash-in on the brand’s immense popularity? Thankfully, nothing could be further from the truth as directors Phil Lord and […]

#BTreviews : Robocop @odysseycinemas

Making a remake/reboot/reimagining – whatever you want to call it – must be hard. Fans of the original will be out for your blood regardless of what direction you take; if you create a faithful, near shot for shot remake, you’re accused of unoriginality and being completely unnecessary. Dare to do something new and you’re […]

#BTreviews : That Awkward Moment at @odysseycinemas

Zac Efron heads up this sort of romcom, sort of buddy sex comedy that claims to contain things for both sexes within the narrative. And maybe it does, just not for any believable human being on this planet. Efron stars as serial womaniser Jason who, as his narration tells us, keeps a roster of women […]