Monday mindfulness: What is the price of a gift?

What is the price of a gift? It’s christmas week and the shops are buzzing, credit cards maxing and cash quickly disappearing. I do love to give gifts and I love receiving but I hate debt and the pressures of expectations we put on ourselves and the need to adhere to the seasonal pressures. I […]

Monday Mindfulness: How are you going to mindfully change you?

How are you going to mindfully change you? We fear change because we fear the unknown and we don’t like fear because of the unexpected emotions and feelings it draws out in us. We all dislike uncomfortable feelings and dreaded emotions but sometimes it’s necessary to go through the pain and discomfort in order to […]

Monday Mindfulness: Holiday from what?

Holiday from what? Funny I'm on holiday at the moment with my kids and it's absolutely wonderful. We got excited weeks before we went when choosing the apartment and where we wanted to go, see and what we could do while we were there. Experiences, memories, time. To me that's what life's about; experiences, memories […]

Monday mindfulness: Find your peace

And so the new journey begins: One of my greatest mindfulness moments is learning to accept each day as new. A new beginning, a fresh start, a new adventure, a clean slate. Looking at each situation through the eyes of a child, look at life with curiosity like you’ve never seen it before, without judgement. […]

#Mondaymindfulness :Let’s change by Brenda Shankey

Monday mindfulness :Let’s change Yesterday was my birthday and I had thee most wonderful weekend. I got spoilt wrotten by all my nearest and dearest and boy it makes you feel special. The many many best wishes on Facebook and social media and phone calls. It’s simply a beautiful day. It got me thinking why […]

#mondaymindfulness :Coping with the unknowing! by @brendashankey

#mondaymindfulness :Coping with the unknowing! Patience, tolerance, acceptance, calmness all beautiful qualities of the soul. I aim to live in peace as much as possible. I get up every day and simply try, try to live in awareness that my goal is to try to get inner peace and share it with those genuine people […]

#mondaymindfulness by @brendashankey :Oh what a fabulous week 

I have to say I’ve had a beautiful week; a week where my behaviours, thoughts and actions of the last nine months all came together and made sense. I know I always say everything for a reason and I totally believe people are put in your path exactly when you need them. Either to give […]

#mondaymindfulness : Learning to value yourself by @brendashankey

Learning to value yourself. As me I see the good and probably see the negative more. However if it wasn’t for the good in me, my talents, my skills, my acceptance that I am indeed far from perfect but I have that down right stubborn determination that I will achieve what I want and I […]

#MondayMindfulness by @brendashankey: How much a week can bring

How much a week can bring. It’s been a crazy week for me, starting last Saturday with the memorial casino night in memory of my fabulous sister Erin. What a celebratory evening everyone had; friends and family there to celebrate her life and raise money for make a wish. Erin loved children and in her […]

#mondaymindfulness : Smile with style! by @brendashankey

Smile with style! There isnt anything nicer to cheer you up than to smile. To cheer others up we simply smile! I remember during one of my intensive week meditation courses they made us sit and smile, at first it seemed odd but actually consciously smiling really does have an impact on the body. You […]