Monday Mindfulness: How are you going to mindfully change you?

How are you going to mindfully change you? We fear change because we fear the unknown and we don’t like fear because of the unexpected emotions and feelings it draws out in us. We all dislike uncomfortable feelings and dreaded emotions but sometimes it’s necessary to go through the pain and discomfort in order to […]

Head to Bangor for Easter Monday

Head to Bangor for an Easter of seaside activities! Easter Monday 12noon-5pm Trial Bikes Show McKee Clock Arena World famous trial bike master Adam ‘The Destroyer’ Raga will demonstrate his jaw dropping skills in our Trial Bikes Show. The Spanish Supremo, who has won 4 Indoor and 2 Outdoor World Trials Championships and current World […]

#mondaymindfulness by @brendashankey: Creating a new Christmas

Well it’s December! Officially and usually my favourite time of the year. I’m a big kid, I love Christmas, presents giving and receiving. Catching up with yearly friends and most people in good spirits. This year I have to face a whole different world. Usually my home is an open house with all family, husband, […]

#MondayMindfulness by @brendashankey: How much a week can bring

How much a week can bring. It’s been a crazy week for me, starting last Saturday with the memorial casino night in memory of my fabulous sister Erin. What a celebratory evening everyone had; friends and family there to celebrate her life and raise money for make a wish. Erin loved children and in her […]