Monday Mindfulness : The Power Of The Conscious Mind

We always believe what we think is right and our thoughts are real, but guess what they’re not. 50% of our belief system is from our experiences, relationships, social environment, everything we’ve seen, heard, smelt, tasted and touched from the day we were born. Basically our 5 senses! From the day we were born our […]

#MondayMindfulness : The mental health of our children

The mental health of our children. I’m going to write today about the serious crisis in the mental health system with our children. I studied mindfulness 8 years ago for my own personal mental health after years of struggling with depression, anxiety and addictions. It helped and worked wonderfully for me because at 40 I […]

Monday Mindfulness: Success

Monday Mindfulness: Success This week, 3 of my mindfulness business clients all achieved their dreams and wishes. Mindfulness is not about meditation and guru chanting it’s about changing your mindset to remove the negatives that hold you back and push the positives that make you awesome. Two of my teens were seriously ill, out of […]

Monday mindfulness: Happy New Year

Happy new year! It’s 2018 and who’d have thought another year begins. Just another day, another new beginning, another blank canvas of life how it is. For me it’s time for reflection on what’s past, what I’ve learned, how I’ve grown, what I’ve gained, what I’ve lost. I’ve learned that life is ever changing, the […]