Monday mindfulness: What is the price of a gift?

What is the price of a gift? It’s christmas week and the shops are buzzing, credit cards maxing and cash quickly disappearing. I do love to give gifts and I love receiving but I hate debt and the pressures of expectations we put on ourselves and the need to adhere to the seasonal pressures. I […]

Monday Mindfulness: Daily Motivation

Every day is a blank canvas. We literally have no idea what’s going to happen so we can direct and manage part of our day ourselves. This includes planning, vision, motivation, goals and fulfilment. The teachings of Mindfulness is to live in the present moment without judgement, living in the moment and accepting life as […]

Monday Mindfulness: Children’s mindfulness

Children’s mindfulness. I have had the privilege of coaching, nurturing and teaching kids lots of beautiful mindfulness techniques over the years but today I thought I’d let my blog do the talking through video. Mindfulness for kids teaches calmness, concentration, focus, anxiety, sleepless nights, panic attacks, accepting grief, old wounds , progress to success , […]

Monday Mindfulness: How are you going to mindfully change you?

How are you going to mindfully change you? We fear change because we fear the unknown and we don’t like fear because of the unexpected emotions and feelings it draws out in us. We all dislike uncomfortable feelings and dreaded emotions but sometimes it’s necessary to go through the pain and discomfort in order to […]

Monday Mindfulness: Why do we listen to others opinions?

I have to say on my mindfulness journey I have learned so much about life, living and me! Here are a few things I have learned: I've definitely become calmer, more relaxed, can cope with stress an awful lot better, am more accepting of life and things that happen. I've learned to appreciate the small […]