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20131113-144653.jpgSummertime at The Mac

Don’t be misled by the title, this play is no frolic in the sun with cute little butterflies and the smell of roses, it’s a dark and bold insight into the life of Jonathan, a minister who is trying to settle in to his role in Belfast.

The new play by the well respected local Tinderbox Theatre Company and from the award-winning David Ireland, is a gripping and hard-hitting drama.

Jonathan, as a minister, is trying to serve his community, but is continually thrown to the lions as he tries his best to deal with community rumours, gossip, and eventually a life threatening situation as his life as a minister spirals out of control.

You can see he’s only trying to be honest and do his best, but the tapestry of human emotions, thoughts, feelings and issues continually challenge Jonathan’s position as minister.

The cast in this gripping drama includes, Ryan McParland, Richard Clements, Victoria Armstrong and Ivan Little who play their roles perfectly. You can’t help but feel for Jonathan, played by Richard Clements, and want to reach out and help him as the story unfolds and he gets out of his depth as Ryan McParland’s character, Isaac, gets more and more dragged down by his mental health issues.

Tinderbox are the team behind the equally brilliant Planet Belfast which played in the Mac last year.

Summertime runs in the MAC until this Saturday and if you get the chance we would recommend getting your tickets to see it.

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