Exercise for a guy at almost 50 doesn’t need to be a chore

The journey continues and bloody hell it’s not easy, but it’s also not a chore!

My summer membership at the Culloden Estate gym continues and it’s changing everything.

I’ve just turned 48, so I guess I’m very aware that I’m nearly 50, and if that’s not  scary enough, imagine my shock when joining the gym to discover that I can’t do what I did even just 5 years ago and don’t know that I want to or have the drive to either, indeed everything has changed.

It all made me wonder what I’ve been learning in the last 6 weeks about exercising when you’re nearly 50, or any age really!

It’s never too late

It really is never to late to start. When I first started running at 27 (I stopped again by the way!) I was part of a running group who were 20-30 years older than me, and they were all starting out for the first time. We had such a great time running 10k races and the Belfast Marathon relay. I think I need to remember that they were probably the same age when they started running that I am now. So it’s time to take that realisation and run with it!

Get your inspiration 

I wrote last time about some fitness folks who have been inspiring me. This month I’ve been all about following Ryan C Hurst on Facebook and been inspired. Find your own inspiration and try, in baby steps with little goals to follow their lead. Try this movement Ryan is doing… I did.. it’s hard!! But I loved trying it, and there’s nothing chore-like when you love learning something new. Watch, compare, learn. Baby steps



Who has been inspiring me

Integrate exercise into your everyday routine
Being a couch potato is too easy, so try and add in little things. They all add up. It could be as simple as doing an easy stretching routine while your waiting on the kettle boiling, or maybe walk up and down the stairs a few times when you’re going up to bed or when you get up in the morning. Or it could be parking just a few minutes extra away from your work. It’s the little things. 

Take your time
To build up a new routine after a few years of non activity takes longer, and recovery also takes longer. After a session at the gym I could fall down and die I’m so tired. Don’t try to do too much. Basically ditch the ego and take it easy if you haven’t been in a gym for a while. That’s actually the tough part, starting out again.

Summer shape up flyer
Summer shape up

Everyone at every age should do this more, but as you get older it gets more and more important. I always do a great stretch before any gym work, it gets those muscles warmed up properly. If you’re getting inspired by Ryan then it’s ALL about stretching and using your bodyweight. That’s why I got an ‘at home’ training programme from the Culloden Estate & Spa gym. Here’s the guy responsible for it.

The eating bit
Oh that’s my big downfall, what goes in that 48 year old bake is a BIG issue, AND it’s the only chore in this whole process. Personally I need to wise up! What I have found is that the more exercising I do and the more focussed I am on that then the healthier I eat. It’s a spiral and it works both ways. Fitter leads to healthier. Less fit leads to less healthy.
And it’s about making the right choices more often. 

On the plus side, thanks to my summer at the Culloden, I’ve lost half a stone. YAY!

Also a biggy. My confidence to walk into a gym had reached an all time low. But the more you go, the more confidence you build. I’m managing to get to the Culloden twice a week, that’s twice a week more than I had been going, so that’s great! And I’ve also been out walking and cycling to my allotment. All baby steps to boost confidence. You just have to zone out and focus. Nobody gives a toss about you, they are too focussed on their own thing. So just keep moving and doing your own thing.
Happy exercising! 


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