Style Heroes at Directory15 by Lewis R Cameron

Style Heroes. These are the words used to encompass the catwalk finale evening of Directory 15. A three-night showcase, dedicated to style, personality, individuality and an overwhelmingly enthusiastic love of all things on-trend from head to toe. Calling on the inspiration of the 10 Style Icons of the Directory 15 campaign, representing all ages, all shapes and sizes, all types of hair and more importantly all types of colourful, confident characters in the process. It’s not surprising then to encounter the Directory 15 attendees were of the exact same mindset.

Rocking florals, tropical prints, mesh panelling, metallics, tartan, white on white, monochromes, catwalk silhouettes, crop tops, matching pencil skirts and the odd denim jacket paired with a maxi skirt and a minimalist basic, black top. Basically Belfast’s Style Heroes were out in full force.

As for me? I took a little inspiration from the Moschino runway and donned a red McDonalds design I created from the FAUXIALITE collection I am currently launching. It’s a unisex design entitled the ‘McHomme’ sweatshirt worn either as an oversized sweater or an oversized jumper dress. I paired it with a simple white shirt, black trousers, white and black trainers and my red, charity shop purchased KNEX toybox bag. Style on style with a little bit of extra style sprinkled on top. Check out my favourite looks from the Directory 15 attendees below.

Written by Lewis Robert Cameron.

Fashion Editor & Stylist of Beyond Man ( enjoying the odd fashion blogging on the side, bringing you the exclusive and informative low-down on what’s hot in the fashion scenes from Belfast & Beyond. Follow on Instagram @beyondmanmag.

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