#stayni :The Old Inn, Crawfordsburn @oldinn1614

#stayni :The Old Inn, Crawfordsburn

The Old Inn has been a key feature of the beautiful village of Crawfordsburn since the 1600’s and has had quite the calibre of visitors over the years.

It’s one of those places you’ll visit for lunch, maybe even dinner, but more than likely for a wedding or a wake. And if you’re a local you’ll only stay over if you’re the bride or groom on your wedding night in a bridal suite or the cottage in the garden.

the old inn

We visited for a night recently and enjoyed a delicious meal in the quirky over the top restaurant then stayed over to enjoy a night fit for a King.

Staying in The Old Inn is like stepping back in time to how you might imagine a royal palace from a few hundred years ago to look.

The little cottage type exterior, complete with whitewashed walls and thatched roof are actually a little bit in contrast to the King of the castle type of feel you get inside.

You arrive at reception to the smell and sight of a log fire burning in the corner. It’s immediately cosy and welcoming, like a little hunting lodge.

view from the balcony

Dinner was booked for later that evening so we had a couple of hours to relax in our suite complete with a four poster bed, lounge with sofas and chairs, our own private balcony overlooking the garden and Crawfordsburn park beyond.

I’ve already written about the evening meal here. Have a read!

The fabulous room was much grander and regal than you’d expect from the traditional cottage exterior. You’d nearly expect Henry the 8th to appear demanding his room back. It was VERY grand and traditional. It was lovely to have such a huge and comfortable space to relax in before dinner with a comfy sofa and chairs, a big screen TV and that balcony for some fresh air. That’s one thing we learnt about such an old building with a thatched roof and thick walls; it retains heat and clings on to it in case there’s a cold spell. The whole hotel is warm!!

lounge area in room

The 4-poster bed added to the regal charm and we had a really cosy nights sleep in it.

Breakfast had the good old traditional Ulster Fry option, but I went all posh with a delicious Egg Benedict.

After breakfast you could shake off the cobwebs and take the path right next to the hotel into the beautiful country park and if you fancy stretching it a bit, go right down to Crawfordsburn beach.

The Old Inn, or as I’ll always know it, Crawfordsburn Inn, is a cosy grand place with good food to enjoy a Northern Ireland staycation.

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Free parking is available beside the hotel.

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