Squeezing some juice out of wheatgrass

Stallholders at St George’s Market continue to amaze me with their progressive thinking and creativity. Last Sunday, I came across the SqueezeJuice stall and discovered that they like to do things a bit out of the “norm” for a juice bar. On Sunday they had a spirulina smoothie on sale which was a real winner – spirulina is full of antioxidants and good for the nervous system. They also had an orange and ginger smoothie, and this coming Sunday they are going to introduce a beetroot juice, and that sounds delicious already!

SqueezeJuice also have another trick up their sleeve, as they grow, juice and process wheatgrass juice right here in Northern Ireland. They are the only Juice Brand in Northern Ireland to do this. We last had wheatgrass in a smoothie 10 years ago in Australia, so for SqueezeJuice to introduce their process to Northern Ireland is…well it’s about time, and it is a very welcome addition to the growing juicing culture in NI!

The wheatgrass is grown from organic wheat berries until it is ready for juicing, and then using a special wheatgrass juicer, they extract the juice, seal it in pouches and use some mind-blowing technology to kill off any bad bacteria, without compromising the nutrients and enzymes. And its all preservative free.

Check out the Squeeze Juice website for more information or to order your supply of Wheatgrass www.squeezejuicecafes.co.uk or you will find the team at St George’s Market on Sundays.


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    (November 25, 2011 - 5:55 pm)

    You can order wheatgrass online at http://www.squeezejuicecafes.co.uk and it will be posted to you (signed for delivery) so you can get all the benefits of wheatgrass without even leaving the house! Alternatively pop in and see us at St George’s market on Sundays and order there.


      (January 18, 2013 - 4:04 pm)

      I am familiar with wheat grass and growing it, and I have been for 15 years now. It is my understanding if it is not frozen the good nutrients are lost. Where is the proof or information on this that it retains its strength when juiced and not in a frozen state? Nobody else supplies non frozen items, and the other method is to buy fresh wheat grass so people can immediately juice the item to retain maximum benefits hence why people by juicers.

      Sealing juiced wheat grass does not retain its full benefits, so where can we find information on this new process or even prove it that this is the case and that i am not wasting my money on a pointless product? I just took a look at Squeeze Juice Cafe and cant help but notice they avoid this point or offer little to no information on it. Who is this product certified by?

      The website says “At Squeeze Juice Cafe we have invested in a revolutionary processing technique that ensures that your wheatgrass juice shots stay fresh for up to 12 weeks (a huge boost over the usual 2 hours!)” How can we see evidence of this or what scientific facts are there to back this claim up? I am sick of companies pulling the wool over peoples eyes and I want to ensure what I am buying is the real deal. It is one thing to state a claim like that, and if you do you should provide information to back this unverified claim up.

      Brings back to mind the horse meat in our burgers, enough is enough.

        Squeeze Juice Cafe

        (September 17, 2013 - 2:08 pm)

        Hi Martin

        I have only just seen your comment as it was not posted on my website. The method used is HPP (High Pressure Processing) and there is a host of information on the method on the Agri Food and Biosciences Institute which carry out the processing on our behalf. There is a link on the first page of my website which takes you into the AFBI website where you can get information on HPP. You can also check out the company Avure which supply the high pressure units. You may also want to check out Pascal Processing – a French company which use HPP in Europe. If you want anymore information please send me a mail via my own website info@squeezejuicecafes.co.uk. I can assure you that there is no wool being pulled over anyone’s eyes! Apologies for the delay but always think it is best to contact companies direct rather than through other sites. Cheers.

    Melita Williams

    (November 23, 2011 - 2:43 pm)

    Memories of Melbourne 2004! Great that we now have it here finally. Fantastic for hangovers! Thanks BT for letting us know about it

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