Springtime in Palma, Mallorca

Spring break in Palma, Mallorca

March/April in Palma is pre season in the area meaning it’s a much quieter and a slower pace but with the risk of temperamental weather. We struck lucky with the weather as temperatures reached the early 20’s, we’d by lucky to reach that in a Northern Irish summer.

Arriving with the direct EasyJet flight from Belfast International Airport at just after midnight, it was a €25 taxi journey to the city centre.

 roof top pool at HM Balanguera 
We were staying in the HM Balanguera, about 15 minutes walk to the main city shopping district. Also 15 minutes from the main train station, and 10 minutes from restaurant central, the Santa Catalina district and Calle Fabrica.

Day one was a day for walking and taking in the sights and sounds of the city kind of day, LOTS of walking! 20,000 steps later! My new Skechers walking trainers certainly came in handy, even after the many miles, I still felt like I was bouncing along the streets.

 cherry blossoms and the old town 
The old town was picturesque with small winding streets, but also packed with your regular high street shops, beautiful designer boutiques, ice cream and coffee shops. It was charming. We even found their own version of our Game of Thrones tourist attraction, the dark hedges.

 Palma's version of the dark hedges 
Off to the west of the city centre is the Santa Catalina district, focussed around a pedestrianised street packed with restaurants. We discovered an awesome little hamburger place one block away, Gin Burger. Their unique selling point is that burgers should be accompanied by a Gin. And they have a lot of Gin to choose from. Burgers are named after various gins and I particularly loved the Martin Millers burger, because it had truffle oil. Served on a mini pallet with a basket of chips… Check it out if you’re in the city …Awesome! So good we returned for more a few days later. Post dinner drinks were enjoyed sitting outside at Bar Cuba.

 A Gin Burger served on a pallet 
Day two was sun day. On the rooftop of the HM Balanguera hotel, is a super stylish terrace with cabanas and a cute little pool. Perfect for escaping and enjoying a few hours in the sun. If you feel decadent, do as we did, go to the supermarket a few minutes walk away and get in some prosecco. Fill a plastic bag with ice for a makeshift champagne bucket…. Classy !! 

 Soller tram 
Day three was time to venture out of the city on a vintage wooden train to Soller. €30 each for the return one hour train journey from Palma to Soller and a tram journey to the Port of Soller was great value for a super experience.

The train works its way literally through the streets of Palma, heading out in to the orange and lemon groves before making its way up in to the mountains through tunnels and across bridges. You stop for a stunning panoramic view overlooking Soller before descending down the mountain in to the town. Soller is a pretty little town with a central square sliced in two by the tram lines. Lined with bars, restaurants and ice cream shops it’s a perfect place for tourists to relax and enjoy.

 Mountain view from Soller train 
Springtime in Mallorca (Majorca) is beautiful, with trees springing back to life, cherry blossoms and wisteria in full flower, temperatures in the high teens or low twenties, less tourists or cruise ship visitors. Overall making it a perfect time of the year to visit from Belfast on both Jet2 and EasyJet.

Oh and as I finished writing this just as the plane touched down, I heard a handful of passengers applauding. What is that all about?? Answers on a postcard please!

Happy holiday planning

Jeff Meredith

  bedside light in hotel  
 Soller train 

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