There’s nothing more magical than something that works on you while you sleep – and you wake up feeling the benefits of renewal and regeneration.

Sleep, in itself of course, is the very best beauty healer, as our bodies rest and recuperate while we catch our Zzz’s. And if we are well nourished from the inside with a healthy amount of water and fresh, nutrient-packed food throughout the day, then sleep will work even better. (Unless of course you have a weak bladder and you drink too late before bed, but that’s a whole other blog. The general rule is to avoid food and drinks for four hours before you sleep by the way, but that doesn’t mean you skip meals or water intake throughout the day, just be sure to get them in early!).

Anyway, I digress. Back to beauty sleep products… There are a growing number of products around these days which make night time claims beyond a traditional, rich, night time moisturiser – some of which I adore, Kiehl’s Midnight Oil anyone?! Plus, masks are really a ‘thing’ now, with lots of home-spa mask options for quick results when you don’t have time for a facial. (And, let’s face it, the ultimate time-poor treatment is one that works while you kip!) So this week I tried a new Origins Plantscription™ Powerful Lifting Overnight Mask (£52) at home – and I have to say I loved the results! The beauty of this beauty product is that it has a baby sister – and a clever one at that. Origins has introduced (I think) the first ever mask primer with its MASKIMIZER SKIN OPTIMIZING MASK PRIMER (RRP £18.50)… 


Yes, a pre-mask prepping lotion which allows your skin to optimise the effects of the mask you’re about to put on. This priming mist kind of takes the masking to the max with its Marine Algae complex to help hydrate, soften and optimise the appearance of skin so it’s fully prepped to enhance your mask experience. Just a quick spritz gets skin primed and ready to reach its most flawless potential.

After just a couple of minutes, I lashed on the rich Plantscription mask – and it felt good immediately upon application. It is a luxurious and fast-absorbing gel-cream mask designed to fight gravity with a lifting complex that helps visibly lift, plump and firm facial skin. It’s packed with Red Microalgae and Sweet Almond Extract, along with potent Anogeissus and Commiphora which work together to help resculpt facial contours; adding new firmness and density to sagging skin.

Now I wouldn’t say my skin was exactly sagging, but over time, the effects of ageing, gravity and environmental stressors take their toll, and skin begins to loosen and sag a tad. This is known as Elastic Fatigue. The syndrome is caused by the degradation of supportive collagen beneath skin’s surface which in turn causes features to flatten and lose their elasticity. But whether I have full-blown Elastic Fatigue or not, the PlantscriptionTM Powerful Lifting Overnight Mask left my skin feeling firmer, softer and hydrated the next morning.

The great thing with this mask is that you can apply it every night and not over-oil your skin, which can happen with some rich night creams. I, for one, am a new fan. Because, well, for a busy bee like me, it isn’t so much a case of getting your Beauty Sleep, but getting beauty while you sleep. Night, night all!

Cathy x

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