Skytrek: The Colin Glen Activity Centre


The Skytrek activity centre
 When an invite comes through to try out a ropes course, with a climbing wall and a zip line, well obviously I’m going to try it!

A few weeks ago I headed up into the Belfast Hills to experience SKYtrek, a high ropes activity centre at Colin Glen Forest Park.

I’ll not deny it, I was a tad nervous, but it’s good to push yourself to experience new things.

You’ll find SKYTrek at the entrance to Colin Glen Forest Park, just in front of the cafe, where I met up with Rory who got me all kitted out with a harness and within minutes I was climbing the 30 foot wall. So that was my heart racing already with all the what if questions running through my mind. But there’s no need to worry, everything is perfectly safe and secure, the only thing you’re going to hurt is your pride when you fall!


Me in action!
Next we went up on to the rope course. I last tried a rope course when on a cruise last summer and we were a few hundred feet above sea level. So the 5 metre lower rope course didn’t feel quite so daunting. I was secretly relieved that the 16 metre course was temporarily out of action.

Then the zip line, at 90 metres, it’s LONG! Again, you’re all harnessed in and secured, you just have to put your trust in the instructor and step off the edge. One, two, three, GO!

90 metres and a few seconds later, you’ve landed on the other side, and along with the most amazing adrenaline rush…you’ll want to try it all over again.


Walking the plank
As a last surprise, I was taken to a platform, strapped in from behind and told to walk off the edge. The Fan Descend is your ultimate trust test, it’s a bit like a bungee jump, only you land on the ground on both feet. Or if you’re like me, on your bum!

It’s a great experience and definitely one for the safer thrill seekers. Try it!

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