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While researching this latest post on skincare, I discovered three types of people– those who don’t use any, those who jump from brand to brand depending on what’s on special offer or those who stick religiously to the same products.

I fall into the latter category, as I’ve been using the same REN products for several years. My make-up artist friend recommended them and its range has worked wonders on my skin – and in my book, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. I find this particularly rings true when it comes to how I pamper my face, as I have been advised that if you want a healthy glow you need to get the skincare right first, and the make-up second.

So when I was contacted by a relative newbie, SKINICIAN, I have to say that I was a bit dubious. But after being told I would see results within 48 hours I had to see if the claims were true, so took up the offer to try an Age Delay Glycolic Peel.

SKINICIAN is owned by the same company that owns tanning brand He-Shi and beady eyed #G Spots! readers will know that I tried out its mousse a few weeks back and loved it. As I was a guinea pig so to speak, I went to the company training room in Carryduff to the very capable hands of Alison the SKINICIAN Specialist. Here’s another admission – I’m not a big fan of facials, as I can’t relax long enough to enjoy them. Thankfully as this was for work purposes, I didn’t feel bad chatting away and learning more about the products.

The brand has been around for two years, but you may not have heard about it as it is growing organically in beauty salons across the north.

Currently in about 30 locations from Annalong to the Waterside in Derry, there should be a salon that uses SKINICIAN in a town near you. Alison and the team are still on the hunt for the perfect location in Belfast city centre, but if you are looking for a salon near Belfast, Alison recommends Sarah Dalton Beauty in Crawfordsburn (07926079120) or B’Pure in Dundonald (02890 487408) or Holywood Dreams in Holywood (02890 424687).

Not being smug, but I have been blessed with pretty good skin, yes I have the odd flare up but I have followed the ‘cleanse, tone and moisturise’ mantra for years which has served me well. After my glycolic peel (no itdidn’t turn out like the infamous Samantha Sex and the City scene), my skin was glowing. Maybe it was a combination of the advanced ingredient technology, maybe it was Alison’s expert fingers, or maybe my skin just needed a change, but the next day it was transformed.

While having my facial Alison told me that these products are great for everyone – whether you have sensitive skin, combination or problem skin there is a specific range to suit you. My advice would be to speak to your beautician when you first make the appointment, and you will also have a patch test to ensure your skin isn’t allergic to the products.

I can honestly say that this range of products have made such a positive difference to my skin. I have been using the Revitalising Cleaner, Revitalising Tonic, Hydrating Day Moisturiser, Advanced Anti-Age Serum and Advance Eye Repair for the last number of weeks and although I don’t have a before/after picture, I think I look like a new woman. Even after 48 hours a few of my friends said – ‘your skin looks great’, ‘have you done something different to your make-up’, ‘there’s something different about you’ – yippee, music to the ears of a woman in her early 30s! Yes there is a bit of faff and time needed to go through all the different steps, but if the end results are worth it – why wouldn’t you do it?

The marketing pack claimed that “98% of users would recommend SKINICIAN” and I was thinking, ‘yeah right, they would say that’ – but I am now one of the converted 98% that is happy to spread the word!

If you want to do something nice for your mum on Mother’s Day, a SKINICIAN salon treatment could be perfect gift – but trust me you’ll be so impressed with the results that you mightn’t want to share them with anyone, not even your mum!

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