#backstage :Shrek at the Grand Opera House

Backstage is always fun and thanks to the team at the Opera House, I was invited backstage for Wednesday nights performance of Shrek.

As I toured backstage I watched the performers warm up and get ready for the show. I checked out the 150 real hair wigs, touched Shrek’s face (before it went on of course), teased about trying on Princess Fiona’s wig, chatted to the Company Manager Neil White and checked out Shrek’s swamp!

I’ve been backstage a few times now and it can get busy, but for Shrek, there was hardly room to move back there as there are so many props and set pieces. SO busy in fact, there wasn’t room for me to stand there during the performance.

The show runs until Sunday 19th October and is getting great reviews including the ‘terrific, terrific, terrific!’ one from our very own Anne Hailes! After that it heads to Dublin with a very quick turnaround for its first performance on Tuesday

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