Shining a light on Northern Ireland talent


NILights are a new business spotlighting talent and venues across N. Ireland.

They have done/covered events in Scotland, England and Wales with their other companies,

Giant tracks
Uk Music news
Globalriot (Partners with music magazine/promoters)

But now they are bringing it back to Northern Ireland and will promote every talent and venue that deserves to be noticed.

If you are either your starting off, or have been doing something for years, it can be hard to get noticed or that foot in the door, Most artists can be very good at what they do, but no one will give them that chance.

Over the years NILights have seen a pattern, it was always “who you know” or “who knows you”, that got that chance. A small percentage get lucky, but not many, and that’s where NILights step in to promote as much local talent as they can on their great website.

We came across them as they launched their second episode of their web show supporting Venues and Talent from Northern Ireland, This show shows the amazing Conway mill and the upcoming Singer / Songwriter Mere Moths.

For more information and links on NILights check out the

Mere Moths

Conway mill

Rosie Moore


Makeup Boudoir

Lady P (Yeah Baby DJ)

Yeah Baby event

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