Our top picks for the 2017 NI Science Festival

The annual Science festival taking place from Thursday 16- Sunday 26 February is set to be the biggest one yet with highlights this year come from highly esteemed scientists such as Marcus du Sautoy, Alice Roberts and Britain’s first ever astronaut, Helen Sharman.

We’ve searched through the early bird programme of events and selected our personal favourites we think should be worth checking out, but have a look at their website, there’s so much more happening!

Fancy a taste of Flavour SenseNation? This is a new interactive event that takes your taste buds on a roller-coaster ride through the senses. It will challenge your sensory skills, your taste, smell, touch, sight and hearing, to see how they react with each other when different sounds, smells and textures are thrown into the mix. You will sample the “fifth taste”, test your smelling memory skills, trick your taste buds and sample some very weird foods. Are you up for it? BOOK NOW

The Stress Test – Clinical psychologist and cognitive neuroscientist Professor Ian Robertson, armed with over four decades of research, reveals how we can shape our brain’s response to pressure and answers the question: can stress ever be a good thing? BOOK NOW

The Celts With Professor Alice Roberts – Join Professor Alice Roberts as she goes in search of the Iron Age ancestors we call the Celts – their lives, their art, their technology, their knowledge and beliefs. These ancestors may have lived over two millennia ago, but they still help us to construct our identities today. BOOK NOW

Professor Alice Roberts hosts a second talk as she explores the development from a single egg into a complex body, revealing how our embryos contain echoes of our evolutionary past. In the first two months of our existence, each of us changed from a single egg to a flat disc, to a hollow tube, to a little creature with stumpy arms and legs, to something that looked recognisably human. The story of how a human body develops, from a single cell to a complex organism, is – Alice Roberts argues – the most fascinating narrative that science has to offer us. BOOK NOW

Join scientist and astronaut Helen Sharman (OBE) as she recounts her fascinating first hand experiences of journeying into space. Helen became the first British person in Space in May 1991 when she launched on a Soyuz spacecraft to spend eight days orbiting the Earth, most of that time on the MIR Space Station.  BOOK NOW

And the Festival goes on tour with the NI Science Festival Roadshow visiting Dungannon, Enniskillen, Newry, Coleraine and Derry/Londonderry.

Early bird tickets for the 2017 NI Science Festival are available online now at www.nisciencefestival.com

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