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I love traveling. I especially enjoy traveling to places with plenty of sun, which let’s be honest compared to Northern Ireland, the majority of countries have. I am however terrible at wearing sun screen on holiday and spend a huge amount of time sunbathing – I admit it I’m a sun worshipper. I love being tanned and having a nice glow, unfortunately the majority of time when I’m on holiday I end up burnt before turning the golden brown I desire. This picture of me in Greece last summer very much demonstrations just how red I normally go.

I’ve never really given much thought to the lasting effect that burning myself to a crisp has on my skin. I figure if I can’t see any damage there clearly isn’t any. However this week Destination Skin launched their ‘SkinCareAware’ campaign – a campaign designed to generate awareness of the daily damage our skin undergoes when we don’t properly look after our skin and to help people ‘protect, prevent and correct past, and future skin damage through a bespoke combination of cosmeceuticals and corrective skin treatments.’

I went along to Destination Skin in House of Fraser to have a skin scan and to see what my skin really looks like! A skin scan is a quick and easy way to take a deeper look at the health of your skin ‘by identifying areas such as dehydration, sun damage (pigmentation) and dryness.’ During my scan I immediately noticed the large amount of freckles on my face that I don’t normally see. These freckles are indeed evidence that I have damaged skin, so don’t be fooled by the naked eye. Just because you can’t see any damage doesn’t mean there isn’t any! It’s also not just the sun that causes skin damage; pollution, UV Rays, smoke and your environment are all factors.

So what can we do to help our skin? (And remember healthier skin means younger looking skin)

1. Book in for a skin scan at Destination Skin. They are offering scans complimentary all week but fear not if you can’t make it this week you can still avail of one any time at Destinations Skin in House of Fraser if you book in for any treatment.
2. Protect your skin. Baz Luhrmann was right ALWAYS wear sunscreen. That means every day not just on holiday! Destination Skin recommends a SPF of 30 or more.
3. Try an antioxidant cream or gel. This will help prevent damage to the collagen strands and other cells of your skins architecture caused by UV light. Pretty nifty! Destination Skin recommends the same product the Kardashians swear by ‘CE Ferulic’. Hey! if it’s good enough for Kim K right? The only downside is the hefty price tag. A 30ml bottle will set you back £129.00!! Don’t worry though there are plenty of high street equivalents including Clinqiues ‘super rescue antioxidant face cream’ for £34.95.

For more information or to find out how you can be #SkinCareAware contact Destination Skin in House of Fraser on 02841424500 or visit

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