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RISE – the landmark public artwork on Belfast’s Broadway Roundabout – has won its first international design award.

The 37.5 metre high sculpture – by the Nottingham artist Wolfgang Buttress – won the ‘Small Projects’ category at the annual Institution of Structural Engineer’ Structural Awards, which were presented in London at the weekend.

It is unusual for a sculpture to be nominated for these awards, and RISE is believed to be one of the first such structures to have won one.

In their commendation, the judges said:

“Pure sculptural structures are amongst the most difficult to achieve successfully, as everything is on view, and will be scrutinised down to the finest detail. It is therefore a real pleasure to find a creation such as this, which admirably projects the artist’s original vision and at the same time celebrates the aesthetic beauty of pure, efficient structure for its own sake.”

Also check it this great video of RISE as shown on the screens outside the City Hall just before the MTV Snow Patrol concert this time last year.

RISE facts:

RISE is made up of more than 65,000 individual parts and was manufactured by M Hasson and Sons Ltd of Rasharkin. Standing 37.5 metres – or 123 feet – the sculpture is a metre taller than the spires of nearby St Peter’s Cathedral, three metres taller than the Albert Clock and twice the height of Gateshead’s ‘Angel Of The North’ – and just 8.5 metres shorter than the Statue Of Liberty. It is 30 metres in diameter and weighs the equivalent of six double-decker buses.

Post Author: Belfast Times