Reviewed: Getting a boost from Gordons Chemists

20140731-164719-60439259.jpgGordons Chemists have been helping out a bit with a selection of potions and powders during my summer of fitness at the Culloden.

I tried out a few products, but first it was the ‘exclusive to Gordons’ product, Revive Active. Here’s the blurb from their website: Award winning Revive Active is the only Brand that unlocks your  abundant natural energy to maximize the lifestyle you want because it offers premium health supplements that do not compromise on amounts or quality. Health supplement sachets containing 26 active ingredients of goodness.

Every morning for a week I mixed it with water and drank it before breakfast. Not the most pleasant drink, but with the wonder ingredients of Coenzyme Q10 (Co Q10) and L-Arginine and their claims of a healthy supplement, it was worth it, I think!

0158988d4de261265acbd5613f591fb8a140d9d77cI tried this product in July and wasn’t convinced by the claims of abundant energy, but now, a month later, looking back on that week, I definitely was bursting with energy, so much so that I am going to try it out again and probably for a month long trial.

Could it be the once a day secret to feeling younger, stronger, more alert….more ALIVE! ?  I’ll let you know in a months time when I’m feeling 35 and not 45 !


The next product I tried out, which to be honest I was surprised to discover in Gordons, was protein powder and a protein milk drink. Protein powder isn’t something I’m convinced of the benefits of, although some trainers would say that they benefit your pre and post workout prep and recovery hugely, giving your body some much needed protein to help it recover.

If the newly opened Slims Kitchen Express in Victoria Square add protein powder to their healthy shakes as standard, then I’m happy to try the brand Gordons stock. I’m not a total protein shake newbie to be honest, and have taken other brands a few years ago, but Maxi Nutrition is new for me.

0145822c5a1cf6804e0506cb7928689caefd8c1944I definitely preferred the chocolate milk drink with it’s great chocolate kick and it’s convenience and size to easily pop it in the gym bag and take some before and after training.

The Promax Lean, I’m not a huge fan of the strawberry flavour, I have had nicer in the past, but that’s only when I take it on its own. Added to a shake, with milk, Cocouture chocolate powder, a banana and some ground almonds and ice, and its like a Neapolitan ice cream drink….what’s not to LOVE!! A tasty gym day only treat at 240 calories.

Maxi Nutrition Promax Lean is apparently an all-in-one shake designed to help achieve a lean and defined body. It’s formulated to deliver a high protein load with whey proteins, caffeine and other active ingredients.

Check it out online at Gordons Chemists

The verdict: I’ll be back on the Revive Active to try it again and see if it REALLY works. Protein powder…I’m just not convinced. It’s convenient that your local chemist now stocks it, but I think I’d rather eat food! Maybe that’s my issue…FOOD!

Keep fit and healthy



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