Review: What The Reindeer Saw

A brand new Santa has taken over the family business. The new successor to the Santa throne is inaugurated in front of the biggest crowd of elves ever, that would be us, the Lyric Theatre audience.

We are hard working elves, we hand make gifts for the increasing population of children around the world, and enjoy a few perks along the way, but Santa wants more from us, he wants us to be trimmer and to change our culture. We are having none of it!

So there is an elf strike, and we say no to our culture being reformed. Santa can’t cope, has a tantrum, then resigns and runs away to have a party with Rudolph. His wife steps in (she’s a former model, you can tell!) and offers a standalone elfish language act and so much more.

This Christmas show at the Lyric is a fun fest of Santa antics, nods to world and local politics and is hilarious. I smiled from start to finish. Watching Santa take his first flying lessons from a couple of teachers from the Broughshane area is fantastic. My personal highlight were the reindeers, bloody fantastic, loved them and their silliness, so much.

The cast spend the show constantly changing characters and costumes; rehearsals must’ve been hilarious to watch the mayhem of getting What The Reindeer Saw ready for its run at the Lyric.

What The Reindeer Saw is a brilliant look at world politics and local banter. It’s non stop gags and fun and you’ll need to see it more than once to take it all in. Conor Grimes and Alan McKee have written a gem and along with Jo Donnelly, Rosie McClelland and  Gerard McCabe this Norn Iron version of the Santa story is definitely worth checking out, so it is.

Pure class!

Jeff Meredith

Runs until 6th Jan 2018 at the Lyric Theatre

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