Review: Thriller LIVE at @belwaterfront

Thriller Live arrived in Belfast on Thursday night for three nights of classic Michael Jackson. We headed up to the Waterfront on St Patrick’s night to relive some old MJ memories.

Hit after hit, the show got the raucous St Patrick’s Day audience dancing in the aisles, the seats and on the balconies; from the early hits of the 70’s right through Off the Wall, Thriller, Bad, Dangerous and HIStory. 

The audience were slow to warm up, but Rockin Robin got them on their feet and one particular lady dancing in the aisle almost outperformed the cast. 

The dance routines were on point, the hits were there, but there was something missing, that was until Sean Christopher performed and completely stole the show. Sean blew us away with Dangerous, and it was like watching Michael himself up there on stage. He completely stole the show with a fantastic Smooth Criminal including all those moves you know so well from the iconic video. Oh the memories.

And of course there was Thriller, the song that properly propelled Michael into pop legend territory…

I’ve seen Michael live three times, once in Cork in probably 1988, and twice in Dublin; so watching a show like this you can’t help compare it to the real deal and be a little bit more in awe of the stupendous stage presence of Michael Jackson. Thriller LIVE does it’s best to recreate that magic; at times it succeeds, yet at times it misses the mark, but then how could any show ever bring to the stage what Michael did? Sean Christopher and Britt Quentin shine bright as they bring the hits to the Waterfront stage. And there are A LOT of hits!! 

Needless to say, MJ will be the soundtrack of the weekend for me as I remember growing up in the decades when he was the man, the legend, and the provider of some great memories.

Thriller LIVE finishes tonight (Saturday 18 March) at the Waterfront. If there are any tickets left, get out, shake your body…. and blame it on the boogie!

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