Review: The Nest at the Lyric Theatre

Review: The Nest

The Nest is being performed in the Naughton Studio at The Lyric and this intimate setting simply adds to the power of the play and magnifies the outstanding performances by Caoilfhionn Dunne who plays Martha and Laurence Kinlan who plays her husband, Kurt. 

They play a young married couple going through the normal preparations in expectation of the arrival of their first child. As with every soon-to-be parents they seek to acquire everything they believe (or have been led to be believe) they need for their baby; the sums mount up and Kurt must put in extra hours in his HGV driving job in order to pay the ever mounting bills.

This play by distinguished German playwright Franz Xavier Kroetz (ably translated by Conor McPhearson) seeks to show the obsession of the modern period for the material things with which we feel obliged to feather our nests and how far we will go to obtain them, sometimes, as in the case of ‘The Nest’ with potentially devastating consequences.

The atmospheric and impressively adaptable set combined with the haunting original music of PJ Harvey and the inexhaustible and emotive performances by Dunne and Kinlan make for an emotionally charged performance in which Kinlan’s lakeside scene in particular will tear at your heartstrings.

The 1hour40 minute performance has no interval thankfully as it would interrupt the emotional build up of the performances.

Be warned, although there are humourous moments, Disney this is not; it is a hard-hitting, thought-provoking reflection of a modern malaise powerfully performed by two superb actors.

Pam Brown

The Nest runs until 22nd October

All the photos show Laurence Kinlan and / or Caoilfhionn Dunne, and the photographer is Steffan Hill.

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