Theatre Review: The Full Monty

What do posing pouches, Margaret Thatcher, knockers and knobs all have in common? Six steel workers on the scrap heap with no prospects but a lot of grit and determination. What can the Chippendales do that they can’t. Granted the don’t have the same oiled bodies but they have the biceps and Guy (Chris Fountain) has something to be proud of and he gets a great reaction when he struts his stuff!

The Full Monty in the Grand Opera House is a cheeky little show, slow to get off the ground but gathers speed and blows the audience away. Occasionally difficult to understand the Yorkshire accent but either we get used to it or it’s toned down a bit as the first act progresses. It’s an all star cast, all have appeared in one soap or another – huge roars of approval for Gary Lucy and Chris, Louis Emerick, Anthony Lewis, Kai Owen and Andrew Dunn who has appeared in just about everything and is well known as Tony in Victoria Wood’s Dinnerladies.

There was near rioting in the stalls when some of the girls on their night out took to standing up and shouting their appreciation but it was all part of the fun. The man behind me was bellowing his laughter and I defy anyone not to be staggered by the audition scene where the would-be strippers are put through their paces, impressive, especially the last auditionee – the girls went wild, the men goggle eyed.

There are moments of sadness and moments of great joy and suffice to say they boys are a one night hit, do their routine to a packed audience of women in a hall in Sheffield and make enough money to exist a while longer and for the main man, Gaz (Gary Lucy) to support his son.

Everyone without exception came out of the theatre with a smile on their face and a song in their hearts and dreams of six gleaming bodies.

Be quick if you want a ticket, everyone is talking about this show.

Anne Hailes

The Full Monty
Grand Opera House Belfast
until Saturday 4th February 2017

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