Review: Love or Money 

This play is something of the full package. Funny and efficient, a sophisticated set, actors who are at ease with each other and witty writing, some one liners to beat the band – ‘our family was so poor we had a fork in the sugar bowl.’

Although set in Belfast this play relates to any town or city with a bank being sued by businessmen who have been let down and find themselves on the brink of bankruptcy, and that’s universal!

This is the story of Conor (Michael Condron) a resoluble young entrepreneur who makes ladies lingerie and has a sex toy outlet on the side but is in financial trouble; Eilish (Roisin Gallagher) a corporate lawyer who has fallen on hard times; she’s been taken in by Alec (Michael Liebmann) a wide boy owner of a law firm.

Conor and Elish are typical of young professionals today, lonely, working too hard to meet the right person so they join Mr. Fish dating agency and we meet them on their first date, it’s gone well and Elish has invited Conor home for – a cup of coffee? Surely not.

The repartee between the two is genuinely funny, nerves get the better of them, innuendo results but there is a bonding and a serious relationship develops. Neither talk much about their jobs so when Elish realises she is working on Conor’s case, difficulties creep in as her boss tightens the screw and demands results.

One and a half hours, no interval and quick fire dialogue at first and then a more dramatic middle and a very quick end, almost too quick and easy.

Gallagher and Condron work well together and hats off to Michael Liebman who only joined the cast last Friday due to the original Alec having to withdraw because of illness.

And a word for the one member of stage management who rearranged the set in a most delightful way, not a sound – like the play itself, a well oiled performance.

by Anne Hailes

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