Review: Lord of the Dance Dangerous Games

Review: Lord of the Dance Dangerous Games
What a night. The Waterfront Hall almost took off as The Lord of The Dance strutted his stuff, very modern, very exciting, fantastic technical surprises and, of course, the music and the dancing. Best received were the set pieces of up to two dozen young men and women belting out their stunning Irish dance routines. To say I recommend it is an understatement but the shame of it is this runs only until Friday night and judging by the reaction last night there won’t be a ticket to be had.

The music is fantastic, the costumes – what there is of them – are amazing and the technical effects are genius. There you are, I’m way over the top with my praise but honestly, it is a special show. Because the actual Irish dancing and the rattle of the hard shoes on the stage is so impressive, fast and accurate as 16 male dancers form patterns and long lines, the more balletic pieces are pretty but not stunning. You can take so much of this prettiness but then on come the heavy weights and you sit up and take notice. The girls too dance the hard shoe versions and when they rip off their tradition dresses to reveal black bras and black stockings the audience really do sit up and take notice, especially the men. The the women aren’t forgotten, it’s not long before the men rip off their black vests to reveal six packs and rippling muscles.

Just when you think you can’t take any more it comes to an exciting climax; the long row of a couple of dozen dancers take a bow and leave the stage. But no one moves for some reason, we just know it can’t end there and it doesn’t. The biggest surprise is to come, can there be three Michael Flatleys? Are they all there on the raised platform. I told you, this is a technical marvel of a show. Try to get a ticket.

Anne Hailes

Lord of the Dance Dangerous Games

Waterfront Hall

Until Friday 5th May 2017

Ticket sales: Box Office @ Ulster Hall Tel:028 90334455
Ticketmaster Tel:0844 2774455

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