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Blooming marvellous. 

A young nerdy boy brings a strange plant into the florist shop where he works. The shop is on Skid Row so there are no wealthy gentlemen buying their dates button holes or bouquets. In fact, for our young man, Seymour (Sam Lupton) the girl assistant Audrey (Stephanie Clift) and the big bluff owner Mushnik (Paul Kissaun) it’s time to shut up shop. 

Not good. 

Then Seymour places the weird plant in the window of the shop and people start coming in: what is it? where did it come from? ‘Oh, and while I’m here a dozen red roses please.’ Everyone thrived, including the plant Seymour names Audrey ll after the girl he’s so in love with. She is in a relationship with Orin (Rhydian) who abuses her and as he is a dentist he has lots of ways of abusing people.

Of course, Audrey ll has to be fed but forget Baby Bio, what he likes above all else is blood. He grows with every drop Seymour squeezes out of cuts on his hands, he begins to talk, he even eats people to satisfy his hunger.

The two would be lovers finally realise their feelings and bond but like Romeo and Juliet theirs is a horrific demise but it would be unfair to give the game away. As for the plant? Well cuttings are taken and sold all round the world, every home should have one was the feeling, a disastrous decision as it turns out.

The music, the singing and the band are great, there’s a lot of shoo-bop and a touch of Rocky Horror even a hint of Jesus Christ Superstar at one point. Lupton and Clift are very convincing together and I loved the three Skid Row girl ragamuffins who were always on hand to keep the story moving along. Great movers and singers. And the men behind Audrey ll – take a bow.

What a plot! This piece of cult theatre is fun, full of energy and from the traditional drum roll as the lights dim to the awful last gasp, it’s high protein, like a musical comic book unfolding before us and the audience loved it.

If there is a moral to this bloody tail perhaps it is don’t over feed your house plants, they just might take over.

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Little Shops of Horrors

Grand Opera House
Saturday 3rd September 2016

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