Review: Lady Boys of Bangkok

What a night it was, it really was such a night. Just as it said on the tin, hot, cheeky and fun, that’s the lavish new production – Who Runs the World! Well, the Lady Boys of Bangkok certainly do a good job. They look superb, professional to their long nailed finger tips, figures to die for and I’d love a make up lesson.

The big tent is a little part of Thailand, there’s even the delicious smell of Thai cooking coming for a little counter in the foyer area, also a bar and a souvenir stall and music everywhere. Then the voice booms, the show starts in fifteen minutes, ten minutes, five minutes and then it does, it explodes into the huge cabaret club, dark, round tables, coloured spotlights.

The show is in two parts and it’s all go, even in the short interval the girls are on stage and for £5 you can have your picture taken. In this time when transgender is nothing new, there isn’t the same shock value, these are beautiful people moving with grace and vigour to show songs, pop songs and traditional songs from the Far East.

They mime and honestly, you wouldn’t know, even popular Ole from Phetchabun, the only obvious male, a drag artist sublime, is glistening lip perfect as Tina Turner – he is simply the best and the audience are on their feet.

This troupe is on a tour of the UK, it must be exhausting but the genuine smiles never leave their faces, they make eye contact, they come into the audience, they are part of the Belfast vibe and they like us loved it.

It’s a great night out, mostly women in the audience and they let their hair down and join in but the men who dared to come had a ball.

Anne Hailes

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