Review: Jessie Ware at Mandela Hall

BRIT, MOBO and Mercury award nominee Jessie Ware kicked off her latest tour at Mandela Hall in Belfast on Tuesday night.

It was her second time in Belfast, having played in the Bot on Arthur’s Day a few years ago.

Jessie released her second album, Tough Love in October 2014 and has since enjoyed top 10 album success and 2 top 40 singles. Her highest charting UK single, ‘Say you love me’ got the whole audience singing along.

As the first night of the tour, Jessie was having a bit of a technical issue! And what better way to endear herself to her fans than lose her cool slightly and rant about the f*#!ing blow fans not achieving that Beyoncé look but rather bring tears to her eyes. So they were promptly turned off! But it was all done in the nicest possible way.

Jessie kick off the night all dreamy and ethereal before saying hi to the audience. She has a great sense of humour and recognised that the boys had been dragged along by their girlfriends.


I’ll be honest, I’m more of a pop tart and prefer my uptempo stuff or even a bit more R&B/Soul. Jessie who’s chilled out sohisti-pop style, with sounds to relax to on a Sunday afternoon, was so much better live than I ever imagined. Her personality and banter on stage brought everything to life.

It’s always a real treat to not be a huge fan, yet go to a gig then listen to and enjoy the album en route home.

I should also mention the support artist on the night, Dornik, watch out for this guy!!

Listen out for Jessie on the upcoming 50 shades album and also on Nicky Minaj’s album.


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