Review: Half Irish by Peter Waugh

  Half Irish by Peter J. S. Waugh

At the start of a particularly tough summer for me, (broken bones and more!) Peter Waugh sent me a copy of his first book, Half Irish. It’s a book I’ve connected with enormously on so many levels, and I’ve enjoyed every minute of my summer following the drama of Tyler’s own summer in Ireland.

Half Irish is the story of a young American lad with an Italian dad and a Belfast mum. Tyler, the 17 year old New York lad is coming to Ireland for the summer to reconnect with his Belfast family and to hopefully discover himself. It’s one of those life changing summer journeys we should all do!

Tyler has to somehow find a way of raising the funds to pay for his trip and the first half of the book follows his fundraising efforts as he begins his journey of self discovery.

Then he crosses the Atlantic for Ireland, arriving in Dublin to meet his cousin before setting off on an adventure.

At 17, he knows one thing for sure, that he’s a great musician and can write a good song, something he inherited from his Belfast grandfather. But at such a young age, he perhaps lacks life experience. That all changes during his summer trip as learns about life, relationships, mental health, friendships, family and all the turmoil and self discovery that involves.

Peter Waugh has written a beautiful story, which during my own summer of turmoil, has made me smile huge smiles and also brought me to tears on a few occasions as I recall family members no longer with us and maybe it has even helped me learn to appreciate stuff we can tend to take for granted.

Why not get yourself a copy of Half Irish, and maybe you’ll reminisce about your youth, maybe you’ll appreciate a great friendship a little bit more, or maybe you’ll just love reading about a romantic young half Irish New York kid who falls in love with Northern Ireland.

Half Irish is available to order now from or download on kindle.

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Oh and I should say that as well as loving this great book, I love the cover art!

A great summer holiday read!

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