Review – Eilish O’Carroll Tour, Live Love Laugh

Review – Eilish O’Carroll Tour, Live Love Laugh

The Theatre at the Mill rocked with laughter on Friday night when Eilish O’Caroll took to the stage to tell us about her life. There wasn’t a sign of Winnie McGoogan from Mrs. Brown’s Boys, this was a stylish lady in flame coat and yellow blouse, a pretty woman with a wonderful take on life.

It was an intimate evening of sharing secrets, her first experience of sexual pleasure when the double decker bus vibrated wildly at the traffic lights and her subsequent visit to confession to admit her guilt! Fearing she was pregnant when at 16 her boyfriend brushed himself against her – panic! Then came the menopause or the ‘wonder years’ as she put it – “wonder where I put my keys, wonder where I put my phone, wonder who put the firelighters in the fridge.”

Menopause to her meant a pause from men and, after two unsuccessful marriages and two children, she found love with another woman.

This is a laugh a minute, her turn of phrase is beautiful and her timing perfect. There are sad times too but she punctuates the hour long show with three songs and ends with one extolling the virtues of laughter – good for the wrinkles.

This is a lovely saucy show but never vulgar, an insight into a woman’s mind told bravely and well.

Life changed the day Brendan asked her to stand in for an actress who was ill, for two days it was to be – that was in 1999. Look what’s happened since. Despite what her mother told her, she is very beautiful now and still much loved.

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  • Riverside Theatre Coleraine 17th May, 
  • Millennium Forum Derry 18th, 
  • Burnavon Theatre Cooktown 19th and 
  • Waterfront Studio 20th May.

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