Review: Bananarama

The buzz in the audience is fantastic. It’s not a young crowd in age, but everyone remains young at heart, because for the first time in history, the 80’s best selling girl group and the original lineup of Bananarama are about to come on stage and tour the UK. It’s like a bit of 80’s music history with a reunion tour from a group who’ve never actually toured as the original lineup we all knew so well.

It’s smiles and dancing all round as the audience are taken on a huge journey of nostalgia through the 80’s and a decade of pop.

All the hits and a few misses got us all up dancing and reliving memories. It really was a trip down memory lane and getting some 80’s moves going. There was definitely a lot of dad dancing happening but no one cared, a good time was being had. Actually on that, there were a lot of middle age guys there giving it all.

What a night!

I’ve spoken to quite a few people since the Belfast concert and everyone agrees… how many hits did they have? We knew most of the words.

Heres the set list

If you’re going to any of the dates on the tour you’re in for a treat, and they even sing that awesome song Siobhan left the group to have a massive hit with, Stay. A touching cover by 3 friends reliving their own music history, resolving old issues and bringing a ton of joy to every person in the SSE Arena Belfast.

Don’t leave it 35 years til next time.

Jeff Meredith

PS… sorry you can’t see them in the photos!!

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