Review: Alison Moyet, Ulster Hall

Alison Moyet, Ulster Hall

29 October 2017

It doesn’t happen often, but when artist, music, venue and set come together in perfect harmony leaving me an emotional mess, well something magical has happened.

Finding my music groove in the early 80’s I inevitably heard some of the best pop music through my midnight listening marathons on Radio Luxembourg and Radio One. The early 80’s electronic pop was my world and artists like Yazoo and Alison Moyet were a big part of that.

Finally, a lifetime later, a night at the Ulster Hall with Alison Moyet brought back a million memories as I time-warped right back 35 years to 1982. A time when this young 13 year old, without his knowledge, was listening to what would become his most listened to era of music, the 80’s.

Alison Moyet’s OTHER tour date in the Ulster Hall focussed on the extraordinary Other album with a big smattering of that 35 year back catalogue. As with any artist with a long career, the audience are there to hear that song which connects to their youth or a particular time in their lives. In Alison’s case Yazoo and those hits from the early years in the 80’s were the soundtrack of our youth. Without fail, as soon as hits like Nobody’s Diary and Don’t Go start, the audience look happy and content, singing along to songs they know so well; reminiscing about the past. Newer music includes the superb When I was your girl, Beautiful Gun and Happy Giddy.

I could’ve watched and listened for hours!

The stories added warmth, sadness and nostalgia; the tribute to her mum on The English U; Nobody’s Diary, the song she wrote 40 years ago as a 16 year old. Alison is more than happy to own her 56 years.

As well as that unmistakable legendary voice, Alison has got the moves! Too cool, too inspiring! That’s one cool granny.

Now this emotional 48 year old is off to listen to some early 80’s classics and spend the day reminiscing; happy and content that Alison Moyet has brought an enormous amount of joy to a Sunday night in Belfast.

Come back soon Alison

Jeff Meredith

Photo credit: Georgie Gibbon

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