Getting a protein boost for #mynextsteps

You might know I’ve been working on moving more this year, and that included a summer membership at Culloden Estate and a sizeable increase in walking and getting out and about.

A knock on effect of that is considerably better eating habits, and a greater awareness of less sugar, more protein.

Apparently more protein is better for you, so they say anyway. I think it’s probably fair to say a more balanced diet is the key, with less sugar, or no sugar, and more fruit, veg and healthy stuff. And I’ve been getting plenty of the healthy stuff thanks to the yield from my allotment this year. With a little help from all the seeds I got from Hillmount Garden Centre I’ve been enjoying lots of my 5 a day. The protein bit is the harder thing though, as I’m not a huge meat eater.

This year has seen a heap of new protein drinks come to market, all sitting alongside milk and fruit juices on the supermarket shelves. I’ve always loved milkshakes and yoghurt drinks (Yop anyone?), so protein drinks have been my go to of choice this summer.

Protein Boost is one of the newbies on the protein drink shelf in convenience stores recently, and it seems their marketing campaign matches up with what I’ve been trying to do this summer, to be healthier, to move, to take #mynextsteps

Protein Boost is hoping to inspire people to take the next step in getting more active – whether that is getting off the couch and going for a ten-minute walk, hitting the gym once or twice a week or doing an exercise video at home, making a small change towards a healthier lifestyle makes a big difference. Trust me, I’ve been doing it, and small changes do make a difference, they add up to big changes!

Belfast fitness coach, Páraic Hannan from P Hannan Strength and Fitness said: “Protein is a vital part of our daily diet and boasts loads of benefits, from keeping your metabolism running and energy levels high, helping your brain function properly and even helps you feel fuller for longer.”

Add this to a more active lifestyle by making some simple yet effective changes. Why not start with a 15 minute walk or going to your local gym once or twice a week and build on this in the coming weeks and months. The key is to set yourself simple and achievable goals that you will be able to make a regular part of your lifestyle,” Páraic added.

Sounds good enough to me!

Happy boosting



Protein Boost is inviting the Northern Ireland public to get involved in the campaign by sharing on social media how they are taking the first step to a healthier lifestyle.

Simply post a photograph of you in action with the hashtag #MYNEXTSTEPS for the chance to win a £100 gift voucher for Podium 4 Sport and a case of Protein Boost.

More about protein boost

Protein Boost, the Grab ‘n’ Go milk based protein drink is fat free, has 20g of protein, less than 150 calories and has no added sugar. It is available in all local convenience stores across Northern Ireland.

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