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It’s funny how new trends, crazes and terminology pop up to give retailers a new angle to sell their produce. We’re currently in the grip of pound shop craziness taking over the UK’s High Streets selling produce at the amazing £1 price point, never mind that a lot of these £1 products are available in other stores, having them in one place is proving a big draw.
Another craze is the popup shop, and we’ve seen them in recent years in the shape of Popup Christmas shops in empty retail units. It’s a great way to fill empty units and bring in some rent from what would otherwise be an empty space (if only more retail landlords would do this).
Recently Belfast has seen a successful Popup restaurant open in the City centre but little else except a little business called ReFound. ReFound are all set to open their sixth popup shop selling reclaimed and restyled furniture and accessories for the home.
It’s only been 2 years since ReFound opened their first Popup shop and they have built what could be described as a cult following in the City. ReFound works with local artists and individuals who use various disciplines and techniques to restyle used furniture. Artists add their creative skill to produce pieces that are bespoke, hand-crafted and appeal to the personality of the purchaser. A certificate describing the journey from found object to mini-masterpiece accompanies each item.
The new ReFound collection will feature items from an ever-growing group of local artists including Steven Quinn, Jane Butler, David McClellend and Jill Black who will be exhibiting alongside Co. Down based Frances Ryan.
So if you are on the lookout for something unique for your home, then ReFound could be where you need to go. The new Popup shop opens on Saturday in the unique setting of the historic, early mid-19th century terraces in Belfast’s Wellington Place. It promises to be an exciting location for an exciting range of furniture, so why not pop along to 9 Wellington Place between March 10th – 31st.
Open 11-6 daily; til 7pm Thurs-Fri, closed Mondays
Twitter: @refoundonline


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