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Last night I headed back to the Mac for yet another brand new experience…contemporary dance…I think!

First of all, I’m loving the MAC a little more every time I go, and on this occasion I was in the studio Upstairs at the Mac, and absolutely loved it as a performance space.

So Pony Dance – Straight to DVD, what was it about?

Performers, Paula, Neil, Duane and Deirdre have just returned from Australia where they won “Best Dance Show” at the Adelaide Fringe. The Straight to DVD show was commissioned by the MAC as they continue to collaborate with local artists to develop extraordinary and inspiring new work for the stage.

The programme for last nights show says to “expect the unexpected”, so in I went a little green behind the ears about what to expect with this kind of production. Let’s just say it was definitely unexpected and at times a bit bizarre and surreal. I was left a bit baffled at times as pockets of the audience were in stitches about what was happening while I sat there wondering if I had missed something? But I do that sometimes….not getting humour!

However, most of the show I actually loved, like, really laughed out loud!

I particularly loved the superb pole dancing, the Olympics, the dry synchronised swimming and the final dance off. Most of all I loved that they were just having fun doing the show, it just reminded me a bit of a kids TV show where the presenters are just a little bit crazy and acting out their inner child. Hey I wouldn’t even mind getting up there and having a laugh with them!

If you want a quirky, mad, bizarre, surreal but very very fun night out you should get your tickets booked. This is comedy/dance at its best….and rightly voted best dance act in Adelaide, and also rightly got the standing ovation they deserved last night.

Straight to DVD runs from 22-26 May with some tickets still available from £12 Visit www.themaclive.com or call 028 9023 5053 for more information or to book tickets.
Visit the Ponydance website at www.ponydance.com


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