A personal trainer! Why?

20130325-213957.jpgDo I really need a Personal Trainer?

As summer 2013 approaches and the perfect beach body becomes more of a looming priority, many will find themselves contemplating whether it would be beneficial to join a gym or indeed employ the services of a personal trainer.

Surely it’s easy enough to resolve to eat more healthily and drop a few pounds to get in shape for the summer? But actually making it happen… and sticking to it? That’s often another story.

Personal Trainer Peter Love, of Love Fitness NI knows that making a change in one’s diet is only part of the solution. Developing a fitness plan that suits you, your lifestyle and your own particular circumstances is critical to success.

‘Most of my clients are busy, working people, often with a family and a social life to juggle. So my main priority is to establish from the outset what their fitness goals are and what, if any, obstacles they may encounter along the way, for example, time and financial constraints, low self-esteem, illness or injury. Many clients are also uncomfortable about the prospect of re-entering the gym environment after an extended break from exercise.’
With issues like this in mind, Peter decided to establish Love Fitness NI, which offers a unique personal training service in clients’ homes or workplaces at times that suit them.

Accountability and motivation

‘Some prefer to start the day energised with a session before work; others prefer to train in the evenings to help de-stress after a busy day.’ Either way, it’s obvious to Peter that the majority of Love Fitness NI clients are motivated by the accountability that a personal trainer provokes in them.

‘When you have a personal trainer, you have a scheduled appointment and you know you have to be there.’ Peter reasons, ‘It keeps people accountable. Whether clients want to lose weight, build muscle or just improve their overall fitness, a personal trainer will keep you on track with your objectives; as they will set specific goals that can be monitored and evaluated at regular intervals. I also tell my own clients that I too am accountable, as the trainer has a responsibility to ensure the client reaches their agreed goals.‘

Work Smarter – optimize every session, any time, any place

A personal trainer also allows clients to work ‘smarter, not longer’. They’ll show you how to get your money’s worth from every session, regardless of length, getting the job done quickly, yet efficiently – while still seeing results.
Peter advises, ‘Rather than spending hours on the treadmill unsupervised, a personal trainer can put you through a personalised twenty minute workout that uses every muscle in your body (including your heart), which can be carried out at your own pace. Having a personal trainer on hand to correct your exercise form will also enable you to get the most from your sessions and minimise the risk of any injury or bad training habits. This should help you achieve your health and fitness goals much more quickly.’

Peter has also noticed a growing trend among his clients for group personal training, where groups of friends can save money by training together at set times.

‘Many of my clients enjoy training with friends; in fact it has become the fastest growing aspect of my business to date. Clients who are short of time often ask me to hold group sessions with their friends or colleagues, at home or in open spaces near their work places and benefit from the discounted rates and camaraderie that group training offers.’

Tailored programme

Any good personal trainer should carry out an initial fitness and lifestyle assessment on new clients before starting a training programme; a short medical questionnaire is always completed by Love Fitness’ clients.
Peter adds ‘The trainer can then create a programme that will have your personal objectives at its core, adding structure and a sense of focus to your fitness goals. A good trainer will constantly tweak your training, add fresh ideas to maintain your interest and continually challenge and motivate you. ‘

Overall improvement in mental and physical well-being

Peter adds, ‘A good personal trainer is definitely worth having, even just to get you started into an exercise regime. In addition to the physical benefits brought about by a regular, structured exercise programme, you will notice an improvement in your mental well-being and be more readily able to cope with the day to day demands of life… When others notice that in you too, then its money REALLY well spent!’

Peter Love is a Certified Level 3 Personal Trainer at Love Fitness NI, Belfast.
He is also a specialist in Ante and Post Natal training.

Tel: 07834 553323
F: Love Fitness NI
T: @lovefitnessni

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