Lewis R Cameron attends the Paul Stafford ‘Salon Secrets’ event

IMG_1211.JPGBeing a guy with a shaved head, a night out at a hair show might seem a bit pointless to the majority, from a fashion editor’s perspective however, hair is always a requirement to any decent, eye-catching fashion editorial. So I found myself taking a seat and sipping some complimentary, white wine in the comfortable and contemporary surroundings of the Ivory last Wednesday, September 24th , where I learned from the best. The best of course being award winning, celebrity hair-stylist Paul Stafford, hosting the ‘Salon Secrets’ opening night of Directory 15.

And he taught me this, be it shaved or unshaved, platted, beaded, coloured, mohawked, straightened or curled. Hair is a versatile and integral tool to illustrating your own personal style and identity. Here’s exactly how he did it. Cut by cut. Blow by blow. Spray by spray. (He adores his hairspray.)

First, Paul kicked things off by letting us all know that the event in question was not a hair seminar. And…that it was not about fashion. “It’s about style”. More importantly, about expressing your own individual personality, celebrating personal style by pushing women to explore and imagine.

These words from the wise, and possibly at least 75% magical, Paul Stafford lead me on to the sensational Directory 15 style campaign shot by local fashion photographer Lee Mitchell. Taking ten remarkably confident and creative women from all shapes, ages, sizes, and of course hair colour, and photographing them in a portrait styled by fashion stylist Jamie Russell in a minimal and effortless manor. Representing a hair style to suit their unique character. Enter, the Style Icons of Directory 15.


Djs, radio presenters, fashion brand managers, creative directors and more. These women are fierce, beautiful, innovative and then some. Their enchanting pictures decorating the walls in the Ivory on the night as a miniature art installation, celebrating the success of Directory 15’s exciting concept as Paul introduced us to six of the leading ladies and demonstrated how to recreate their Style Icon hairdos from start to finish.

What followed was hilarity, intrigue, enthusiasm and whole bunch of newfound hair knowledge as Paul went from ‘The Rachel’, to The Modernist, to the Carrie Bradshaw curls of The City Girl to The Classic with a vibrant, colourful twist, to ‘The New Rachel’ and finally Nuala Meenehan’s androgynous and simplistically chic cut entitled ‘The New Minimalist’.


Other noteworthy shout outs go to the faux fur jackets, floral jumpsuits, monochrome dresses, leather and lace skirts, black military blazers and stunning tartan overcoats. All supplied by Lisburn Road based boutique Harrison, as current high street trends were utilised to compliment and capture the Style Icon’s hair in tremendous, autumnal fashion. AW14 eat your heart out!

In conclusion, it was a bloody great night.

Memorable quote: “Everybody needs a great hairdryer.”-Paul Stafford.

Directory 15 was sponsored by ALFAPARF Milano & Decoderm Make-Up Care and ran from Sep 24-26. For more info on Directory Style Events check out their Face book & Instagram pages. www.facebook.com/Directory15 & @directory_style_events

Written by Lewis Robert Cameron. Fashion Editor & Stylist of Beyond Man (www.beyondman.co.uk) enjoying the odd fashion blogging on the side, bringing you the exclusive and informative low-down on what’s hot in the fashion scenes from Belfast & Beyond. Follow on Instagram @beyondmanmag.




Image Credits:
Hair & Creative Direction: Paul Stafford
Photography: Lee Mitchell
Styling: Jamie Russell
Make-Up: Pamela Smyth

Post Author: Belfast Times

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