Patty’s Day? Surely not!

It’s a day off for many today after a hectic weekend of St. Patrick’s Day and Mother’s Day.
Hope you all didn’t get too drunk and also that all the mums out there were made to feel a bit special.
Did you get to see the parade through Belfast on Saturday? It was fantastic, a bit short feeling, but it was definitely high on quality, which always wins in our eyes.
The big showpieces of the parade were definitely on trend, with the Titanic making an appearance, along with the Olympics and our trio of NI world class golfers.
There was a fantastic atmosphere in the City and it was full of locals and tourists, all out enjoying the perfect Spring day and celebrating auld Saint Paddy.
Across that big pond called the Atlantic the Americans were having an entirely different celebration, St Patty’s Day? Where on earth did that come from? A patty is a type of food, not our Saint Patrick, or Paddy! It’s Paddy’s guys! Get it right!
Aside from that minor naming convention error, the world went green. From Dublin to Dubai, from San Fran to the London Eye, Saturday was all about Patty…..oops…Paddy!

Hope you all had a great weekend and if you are lucky enough to be off today, enjoy the recovery!
Check back later for some Belfast FASHIONWEEK photos and more on our day at the market yesterday.



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