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In Belfast today I came across these banners and questioned what the carnival atmosphere was all about? I thought Mardi Gras and a big celebration, so off I went in search of further info.
They are in fact a series of banners which are being launched in over 300 locations around the City of Belfast to celebrate a number of events taking place over the next few years. Some of those events are the MTV Music Awards, the Titanic Centenary, and the opening of the MAC and Titanic Building.
The designs for the banners evolved from a series of meetings held with Community Youth Projects around the city. The young people contributed their thoughts on what images came to mind when they thought of Belfast and from that we have influences from the H&W cranes, the Titanic, the birds over the Lagan and the local the parks amongst others.
The banners hope to create a talking point in the City and also to celebrate Belfast and some it’s iconic images.

So next time you are out and about wandering the streets of the Belfast, keep an eye out for the riot of colour above your head (for a change!). In the meantime you can get more information from the Go to Belfast Website

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